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137k mi Located St Louis MO (CWE)
No spark
Followed all car disk fault tracing. Senders and sensors good. Only 250ma at the power modules (cardisk states 800ma normal)

Moving, no more time to tinker.

In the last 3000 mi:
New tires, rotors, pads, lower control arms and ball joints, alignment, tires wearing very even). New timing belt, plus 3 bearings, new serpentine idler bearing. Doesn't burn oil, trans leak at large seal, shifts fine. Missing front timing belt cover.
Major receipts for misc work over the years.
Must remove before April 27.

$300.00. (Three hundred dollars)

Bring wrecker or trailer and winch.

No, I will not sell parts.

Pictures in post below


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Bob, maybe you should have flown out there, and trailered it back.

Now we all hope it won't be parted out. Such a nice clean looking car.
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