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I bought this car just a few months ago. It had been in an accident and has to be pulled on the suspension to align properly. Now works fine.

I used to own one of these Spiders back in early 90s in the South of France. I was very young then and must have suppressed my memory that I did not fit into the car or I must have grown since. Long story short at 6'4" the car is just too small for me and man, did I try. I have owned Ferrari and managed, I have raced Spec Miata and made that work but as much as I love the is just not going to work for me.

So my project has to go. This is what needs to get done:

- it needs pain in a few places. There is very small rust that needs to be addressed during the paint of the front bonnet. It is in the seem of the engine bonnet.
- the seats need to be re-covered. You get good cover tips in this forum.
- cosmetic things in and out but nothing that cannot be handled by someone with a passion.
- the car is drivable now. The alignment issues have been addressed and it is repaired. The car needs to be presented at your local DMV to have the salvage title re-issued into a rebuilt title. Yes, it is a re-built and, unless you know someone in another state that 'cleans' titles, it will stay that way. Never bothered me as I intended to keep the car.

I paid $3500 and invested $1000 into the repair. That is exactly what I will take for the car. $4500. No need to offer less.

I am not sure right now what number edition it was. I believe it was in the 70s. Currently I am in South America on business and will be back in Miami in late September. If someone wants to see the car, buy it before etc. I can make the arrangements. The car is parked in my warehouse in Miami.

Email me if you have questions. I cannot get you other pictures than the ones I got when I bought the car. When I am in Miami in September I can take some more.


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