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I have a set of front calipers and mounts from the 164 LS 24 valve that I parted out.
I cleaned them up some with a wire brush just to make them presentable.
I am told that these are the larger calipers that came that year with the 24 Valve and the Q.
I am not an expert so I am going by what i was told by other 164 owners.
these are from upstate NY so yes they were rusty and dirty. I have not taken them apart to examin them but the calipers seem to be decent and what I can see of the pistons are shiny and not pitted. All rubber was intact and decent.

I would like to get $175 plus shipping for the pair of them,but am open to offers. They will be going up on EBay also. But I will honor any one from the sight as first call.


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