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I have some parts in good working condition. Check the list, will mark them sold/picked up promptly. I am not looking to make money on some of these heavy items, but would like to see someone putting them to good use. Please reply over here if you are interested in any item(s) and whether you prefer pickup or shipping. For heavy items, would prefer for you to arrange shipping.

This is a SoCal car, so no rust on any of the parts. These are located in Fremont, SF Bay Area 94555

More pics here with more parts shown

Engine short block - have some interest in picking up during holidays
Transmission with less than 3k miles on the clutch and throw out bearing - sold
Gas tank (no rust at all)
All around side panels in very good condition (Teal)
Rear bumper in excellent condition (Teal)
Front bumper (Grey) in good condition
Exhaust (Original, no rust and in very good condition)
Air bag
All 4 wheels+spare wheel (some curb rash, but all are true)
Front struts
Driver side axle
Rear sway bar
Rear heated seats in excellent condition
Front passenger seat leather in great condition, just needs some good detailing to bring back its original shine)
All motors for front seat
Steering column
All around windows glass panels with rear doors glass inserts
Front and Rear hoods (Faded paint) -sent to scrap








1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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