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She is in really great condition, Alfa Red and the majority of her is original. Emroidered logo on the floor mats.
I am the third owner. It has all of it's original manuals and all equipment is original except the stereo however I do have the original stereo. New tires and only a few minor dings in the paint. New clutch, recently replaced RPM Timing Sensor, Air Intake Hose, Drive Belt, Bosch Ignition Rotor, Distributor Cap, Red Stripe Relay (+ a spare), Flexible Joint Disk, and other small items. Her only issues are the A/C, it wasn't working when I bought it in October of last year and the previous owner thought that it might be the compressor, the odometer stopped at 111K, the previous owner was confident in his estimate of +/- 120K when I bought it from him last October. Rough guess we put less than 2000 miles on and I think that is high because she was out of commission for 5 1/2 months. This Alfa is in really great condition and drives like a dream. In my attempt to defog the rearview mirror I pulled it off the windshield, I have the mirror and the parts, the drivers side convertible top latch broke at the leather piece, I have the latch, and the speakers behind the seats nee to be replaced. The top is only 5-6 years old and the plastic window is clear and it has it's original tonneau cover.
This is the car I've wanted since I was 14, that one car you never had the opportunity to get your hands on but you knew the history, specs, and stories. However we are just not in the right situation to have her as only an extra vehicle for weekend driving fun, as well as to give her the maintenance on work she will always need. She deserves a good home. Don't hesitate to ask questions, if I can't answer them my husband can.



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