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Do you have any service history? Can you post some more pictures os the interior, dash, wheel well under spare, undercarriage, etc.?

Are there any other good and bad points about engine or transmision?


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No accidents. In 1994 it was hit by a golf ball below the driver's window and the repair is perfect. Otherwise, there is a ding in the right fender which I just photographed and may be visible The nose, which Alfas get dinged, seems fine and I took a pic also just now. I'd say the paint is very good although I haven't had it waxed in years. It has been garaged 90% and never been in snow and rarely in rain. AC and odometer do not operate. Also: often going over a pothole, the airbag light would be set off and it was a pain to take it in to have it reset, so that wire was disconnected some years ago. I assume the airbag electronics work ok although the bag itself is 21 years old so I wouldn't count on the airbag working anyway. Also, I ditched the electric motor for the radio antenna in 1994 and installed a standard manual antenna. In fact there were a few warranty repairs in 1990 and 1991 to the electrical system like this.

In addition to minor services and yearly oil and filter changes:

Sept 08: pass side window motor

Sept 07: rear trans mount, flex joint and U joint in transmission

Aug 07: clutch pivot pin, clutch hose, slave cylinder rebuild

Aug 06: trans flush, clutch flush

Aug 05: cooling fan replace, tie rods replace, front align, replace coolant recovery bottle, turn signal flasher (this shorts when you go through the carwash I found out the hard way)

June 03: motor mounts, U joint and flex joint (must not have done it right since they were changed, apparently in 07 also)

Aug 01: spark plugs, ignition wires, valve cover gasket, air intake boot, belt, caster bushing, tied rod end

Aug 99: muffler

Oct 95: U joint, shift boot replacement

various: trunk release cable replaced, twice

Jan 95: air filter, fuel filter, valve cover gasket, belt

Oct 94: brake pads, window motor

Mar 94: convertible top

Also: 11 years or more ago, there was a sound from one of the exhaust manifolds and it was a pinhole so that a manifold had to be replaced, see items 14252 and 14253 at International Auto Parts Welcome to International Auto Parts. I have the "top boot" see item 30388 in the original tan color although I have not put it on the car in many years and the snaps may be not all there etc.


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