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1991 Alfa Spider 11000 Original Miles

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I posted this under parts for sale but some members thought I should post this here. I'm new to this so I'm not sure if this is proper. If not then I appoligize.

I have been looking at a wrecked 1991 Spider with just under 11000 original miles on the car and thinking about purchasing the car to fix up a 1991 Spider Automatic I'm purchasing. I will probably use the door mirrors and a lot of interior & trunk parts to make my new purchase look new again. I'll also be using the soft top and frame from the parts car. Since the car I'm purchasing is an automatic and the parts car is a 5 speed there will be a lot of mechanical parts that are like new that I will need to part with. The entire rear of the car from the windshield back is fine and in perfect condition. I was wondering if there are enough people who need body and mechanical parts to offset the costs for me. I'm not looking to make money on this deal just make enough to offset my costs on purchasing the parts car. If someone has a need contact me and we can discuss. I'm new to Alfas so it might take me a little time to figure out what is a fair price and then what is a very good price. If I can raise enough interest then I'll purchase the car and part out what I do not plan to use. BTW, I need the A/C system also. If I can sell enough parts to offset the cost of buying the wrecked car and I still have parts left over I will offer them to good homes, but I must first be able to sell enough to offset the cost of the car. Thanks. Please contact me privately if interested in any parts.
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Where are you (and the car)? I would be interested in the four wheels depending on location (shipping) and price as well as some miscellaneous interior parts.
I might be interested in the P/S front compartment paper carpet protector:D
What a shame. The interior looks so clean. The car was obviously a beauty before the accident. Do you have any details on how it got wrecked?

As for the buy, I think its a good call to pick it up if the price is right. Parts for these cars are becoming more and more limited everyday. What you don't use for yourself you can always sell here or find willing people to buy on eBay.
It's not a huge deal, but this really belongs on the Parts For Sale forum, and it is to your advantage to have a thread there... People will search the for sale forums, even months after a thread was started, looking for parts. People don't typically come to this forum to look for parts. Also, one can click on "New Posts" or "Quick Links" to see all the new posts (that's how I found this one. :)), so there is no need to double post on two different forums.

That looks like a car with a lot of good parts, so it should generate some good interest. Just make sure you don't jump the gun and sell off the parts that you will need later!

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Have you considered using the manual parts car to convert your's to a five speed? Its probably a ton of work but the finale should be a whole lot more fun.
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