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1991 Alfa Spider 11000 Original Miles

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I have been looking at a wrecked 1991 Spider with just under 11000 original miles on the car and thinking about purchasing the car to fix up a 1991 Spider Automatic I'm purchasing. I will probably use the door mirrors and a lot of interior & trunk parts to make my new purchase look new again. I'll also be using the soft top and frame from the parts car. Since the car I'm purchasing is an automatic and the parts car is a 5 speed there will be a lot of mechanical parts that are like new that I will need to part with. The entire rear of the car from the windshield back is fine and in perfect condition. I was wondering if there are enough people who need body and mechanical parts to offset the costs for me. I'm not looking to make money on this deal just make enough to offset my costs on purchasing the parts car. If someone has a need contact me and we can discuss. I'm new to Alfas so it might take me a little time to figure out what is a fair price and then what is a very good price. If I can raise enough interest then I'll purchase the car and part out what I do not plan to use. BTW, I need the A/C system also. Car located in Soutwest.
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Wrecked 1991

Frankly, the car is itself repairable. Seems a shame to part it out. Lots of people have replaced noses on spiders. That is one of the few parts that has basically used the same sheet metal all through the entire run. But, I must admit it would take a bit of work. These 1991 cars are going to get scarce soon enough.
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