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1991 Alfa Romeo Spider *black beauty*

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Let me give you some more information on my baby. She is a 1991 manufactured in october. I purchased this from the original owner 7 months ago for $6500. It was originaly a Texas car, he then moved to LA and it has been there since. He purchased it new for $22500. The last 5 years he owned it it sat in his garage. When I bought it it need work ( dirty, good wax and cleaning, minor engine work etc. ). I have slowling investing in this car restoring it to its natural beauty. Here is a list of the stuff I have put into it.
-just put in a brand new fuel sender
-New fuel pump ( primary and secondary/filter)
-new oil pan guard ( cage under motor to protect oil sump )
-new door molding
-new top (stay fast ..the best you can get )
-Rapid fire spark plugs
-new tail lights ( bulbs )
-new K&N air filter
-new hand brake boot
-all new custom seats ( marine vinyl, it is thicker and more durable )
-New convertable top rubber seal
-custom floor mats
-all fuses replaced with new ones
-new relays alround
-new fuel filter in tank
-spare set of keys ( have originals )
-new alpine audio system ( speakers too )
-Royal Purple engine oil
-Fresh transmision oil and differential
-Rebuile A/C unit ( new freon )
-Replaced wiper blades
-fuel pump regulator
-fresh coolant
-tires have 75% tred
-just got a $200 profesional wax from a body shop
-always cleaned and wax every weekend
-Repared two cuts on the dash
-I have a service manual for any repare you need to do!
-put dash carpet( keeps the car cooler and looks good)
*All the stuff was installed bye a possessional that worked on my dads Ferrari. He spend 8 hours fine tuning the machine. Keep in mind that I am 16, and I know alot about cars, so dont try to low ball me. I bought this car with my own money and put my own blood and sweat into it. My parents pay for nothing ( gas or insurance ). The reason for sale is I need a truck, I have dirt bikes. If I did not need one I would keep it!

I have all the original manuals and papers. I have a file with all recipets and info. The car did have a small oil leak, we took it in and before I sell it I would like to repare it! It turned out to be the transmission, after 20 years seals wear in cars( it is a small leak, but I want to fix it ). So I have it resealed at a Alfa shop. It is called APC in Orange, Ca. It is one of the best places in the state! The owner has been working on alfas for 50 years. He is the real deal. The car is in good hands, as I would only put it in good hands. With this said in mind I am asking $12000, I would like to break even but after the repairs in the shop I will only loose a little bit of money. :)

P.s. the small dent on the rear ( can see in last picture ) has been repaired. I have the papers.

Standard Engine 2.0L 120 hp
Horsepower 120 @ 5500 RPM
Torque (lb-ft) 130 @ 4250 RPM
5-Speed Manual Overdrive Std.
City (mpg) 22
Highway (mpg) 30

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-all new custom seats ( marine vinyl, it is thicker and more durable )

...Keep in mind that I am 16, and I know alot about cars, so dont try to low ball me. ...

...It is called APC in Orange, Ca. ...
You are about to increment that vast knowledge with a lesson in marketability. I sure hope Jon Norman was not a part of that. That would be a real shame. He knows better and has access to all the correct stuff.

Good luck selling your car.
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