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1991 Alfa Romeo 164S 5-Speed

The Good:
This car has been my daily driver for the last 3-4 years, with a primary focus on reliability throughout this time.
New SMOG certificate.
Catalytic converter.
Timing belt.
Coolant header tank.
Water pump.
Distributor cap and spark plug wires.
Clutch slave cylinder.
Clutch flex line.
Pneumatic hood struts.
Fuel pump.
Replaced various dry rotted fuel lines.
Right side CV axle replaced with a good used unit.
The galvanized body and its California life makes this a rust free example.
The Ansa exhaust system produces an even sweeter sound than the already magnificent standard Busso.
The black leather interior is in surprisingly good condition for a car of this age.
Factory power-adjustable sport seats.
Fancy schmancy OZ wheels.
Flawless Pininfarina exterior design and interior styling are exemplary for the time.

The Bad:
An engine mount has failed, but I have a replacement, ready to go in.
Driver’s door has started to sag, but I have new hinge pins.
The steering rack bushings have deteriorated (but I can pass along the “secret” fix).
The shocks are permanently in “Sport” mode (which is the only mode they should be in).
The oil pressure gauge doesn’t work.
The odometer stopped counting.

The Ugly:
Missing RS headlight washer jet.
The paint was bad enough for us to cover some of the surfaces with a black vinyl wrap, . . . which has now also failed.

The Facts:
154,125 indicated miles haven’t changed in the time I’ve owned it.
Includes Factory Workshop Manual and Owner’s Manual, as well as some spare parts. And a lot of bills and other paperwork.
The A/C probably doesn’t work. (Don’t know, don’t care, don’t use it.)
Same goes for the cruise control.

Feb. 25th, 2022 the check engine light came on, about half way into my five minute drive home from work, and low end power was diminished. By the time I pulled into the driveway, its exhaust smelled of sulfur.

I’m guessing it has a stuck injectors and destroyed the new catalytic converter.

The spares:
Odds and ends, a handful of new, but mostly used.
Clutch master cylinder (new).
Clutch pedal (used) I welded gussets on the original one.
One hood strut (new).
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