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Hi All,

I'm selling a running/driving 1991 Alfa Romeo 164L with 5 speed transmission. The car runs and drives and I have been using it as a 'driver' in addition to my Corvette for the last year. It has 165,000 miles, and has many 'good items' listed below received in the last 10,000 miles:

- Newly machined cylinder heads less than 10,000 miles ago
- New timing belt and tensioner (the reason for the cylinder head)
- Lowered springs and new shock absorbers
- New front rotors and pads
- New Battery
- Stainless steel brake lines

Overall, the rear seats are in good condition,the fronts in okay condition. The exterior has faded paint, and front bumper lower assembly has been torn from hooking a parking curb after being lowered. Most of the wings/doors are in good condition structurally, with the exception of one or two dents.

Now the bad. The car has developed a fuel leak at the injector rails (probably injector seals) and I just don't have the time to fix it. The power steering has a leak, A/C doesn't work, only 1 power window still functions, and much of the interior plastics have cracked. This is not a pristine car, but a project car or a car intended for making another Alfa nice. The original radio will be included but not installed.

In addition I have custom machined wheel spacers which allow 5 x 100 wheels to be bolted on for sale separately, and cloth door panels.

I'm asking $900, but open to all reasonable offers. Call me 617-852-94-eight-2 for the best response.
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