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This is a great little car! Runs Great! Has a small leak from Water Pump area that I haven't figured out yet. Most it could need is a Water Pump etc..and timing belt is due in 5k so it would be worth it to do while you are in there.

Repaint about 5 years ago, some parking lot rash here and there but very solid 0 rust. Adjustable thermoswitch installed, runs 175 perfectly wouldn't hesistate to drive it cross country.

I've been around this car for about last 15 years, have owned it for 7

Has hole in middle muffler but sure makes it sporty sounding!

I have a new rear emblem with key cylinder ready to be installed.

Transmission shifts great, one of best Auto 164's I've ever had. Doesn't Burn any oil at all!

Need it gone, needs more TLC than I can provide right now, I just have too many cars and just picked up a new Fiat 500 Last week!

PM me for more specifics. Would Like $1250



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