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Unfortunately, I have to let this one go. No more room/time for this reliable workhorse. I am offering it at a fair rate to the Alfa community in hopes that she finds a good home. I will not be parting it out and will not hold on much longer. Hate to see this go to the junkyard, hopefully someone has room. Pickup by trailer is recommended for highway travel due to loose front suspension. Short, local trips possible, but not advisable. $1500

Alfa Romeo 164L Automatic
Miles: 166,000

Orange County, California Car Rust Free, No Collision Damage, Few Dings.
Ideal Project Car For Easy Restoration, Just Do Not Have The Time Any Longer. Used As Daily Driver, Previous Owner (15 Years Ago) Orange County Alfa Romeo Mechanic’s Daily Driver. Hate To See This One Junked.

Engine Running Smoothly, Automatic Transmission Solid, Smooth Shifting. Drivable But Not Advisable Until Suspension Work Is Done ( See Below). Otherwise, Strong Driver w/ Passing Power+. No Leaks Engine, Radiator, Transmission.

Catalytic Converter Replaced 6 Years Ago, Passing Smog Easy Last Three Test, Mid Exhaust Ok, Rear Exhaust Replaced With Straight Pipe (Passed Emissions Twice w/ Setup). Could Use Rear Exhaust For Quieter Ride. (Loud)

Air Conditioning Retrofit, Needs Charge. Heater/Defrosters Working.

Steering Loose, Sloppy – Needs Suspension Work For Reliable Operation; Steering Rack Working, No Leaks; Needs Front Struts, Steering Box Mount Bushings - Recommended: Lower Control Arms, Outer Tie Rods Both Sides, Inner Tie Rods, Sway Bar Bushings (Have All New Parts But Struts On Shelf For Suspension Project – Will Sell At/Below Cost).

Brakes – Weak: New Installed Pads All Around, Needs Proper Bleeding & Possible Hose Replacement Back Passenger Side. Braking Electronics/ Indicators All Functional.

Electronics Functioning Well With Minor/Repairable Issues – Electrical System Maintained Properly (Not Jerry Rigged).

Seat Covers Good Shape, Need Cleanup. Windows Front Drivers/Passengers Working But Getting Stuck – Need Conditioning – Door Handles Functional, Missing Upper Console Base (Control Unit Available – Needs Mounting Base), Center Console Good Shape/Systems Functioning, Heater, Blowers Operational. Carpets Complete – Need Attention. Eclipse Stereo w/ CD, Original Factory Stereo Available.
Header Liner – Intact / Needs Cleaning, Pillar Panels Complete – Some Need Hot Glue Reapplied. No Cracks/Tears On Dash & Side Panels.

Original Trunk Carpet Set In Good/Exc Condition with Original Emergency Tire

Engine Trunk Shocks Dead, Rear Trunk Shocks Good.

Paint / Clear Peeling Top/Trunk/Hood; New Rear Tires, Front Tires Worn; Glass/Mirrors Good All Around. Engine Trunk Shocks Dead, Rear Trunk Shocks Good.
Alfa Romeo Branded Speedline Wheels, New Rear Tires, Front Tires Worn.

To Be Sold As Is Without Warranties or Guarantees, Either Expressed or Implied.

Contact Via PM - Thanks for Reading :)


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