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For sale is my 1991 164S, it has a variety of upgrades and needs some work. I am selling this as a small to medium sized project OR a running/driving parts/donor car.

The engine was rebuilt (new pistons, sleeves, etc, new crank, 3 angle valve job, heads fully rebuilt) about 5 years ago, but has fewer than 10,000 miles on it.

Car has Koni adjustable shocks up front, standard S shocks at the rear and B and G lower springs at all 4 corners.

The engine/suspension is the most valuable part of the car. It has the standard 164 issues, that I have not had the time to address: stepper motor gears stripped, interior door handles broken (driver and rear passenger). And it needs a clutch. One of the previous owners had replaced the transmission with one from an L, so it takes an L clutch.

Has a new exterior drivers side door handle, all exterior door handles operational. Interior is fair (seats are OK but not great by any means). Has some very small rust spots, nothing terrible though.

Again, for sale as a small to medium project or a running donor. If the car doesn't get sold before the first real snowstorm up North, it is having the engine pulled and going to the scrap yard. At that point, will post about anyone needing individual parts before being scrapped.
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