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I have a 1991 5 speed 164S (red w/black leather interior) with 150k miles that was damaged in shipping cross country a few months ago (car is in Washington State, I have clean Illinois title in my name) and just resolved it with the shipping company and will not be fixing the car. Rear glass part part of right rear pillar received the damage, and an exhaust hangar broke so the muffler is tied on.

Bad: (Other than the damage mentioned - I can email pictures)
-Brake lines split
-Heavy corrosion around rear subframe and suspension, around jacking points on floor pan, in rear quarter panels, around spare tire area. Some corrosion around top of windshield, and various other parts of the underbody.
-Must be started by jumper, runs rough on occasion but may be because of exhaust or battery terminals. Ran well before shipping.
-Rear spoiler and sunroof clear coat faded/flaking
-A/C not cold
-Struts could use replacing

-Interior in fantastic shape, Recaro seats
-New speakers, tires, brake discs/pads, thermostat (stays ~180F)
-All electrics work except brake lights (again, worked before shipping) and speedo sender.
-Car is complete except intact rear glass. Transmission feels great, it has been cared for but the Chicago weather and shipping took a toll and hopefully I can find someone looking for a complete parts car with lots of goodies on it.

Not expecting to get a lot out of it, maybe $800, if it doesn't sell soon I will just be parting it out instead, so I'll take requests for either. PM for email and phone #.
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