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I'd originally tried to hold onto it, but the other car's financial demands are forcing my hand. I know I'm taking a loss, but the Alfa in its current condition isn't worth anymore, even with everything that I've already done:

The good:

-Clean paint, no clearcoat issues
-Decent tan leather (no tears, not many split seams)
-Everything works, except the rear defroster, and the seat motors can be a little funky.

The bad:
-Using a bit of coolant
-Temp light blinks on and off while car is warming, though never overheats
-Rust in the driver's side dogleg, though hasn't progressed in the two years I've owned it
-Fuel light blinks on and off almost all the time (I have a new tank sender)

Replaced since I've owned it:
-Front brake pads and rotors
-Rear brake pads
-Tires (Sumitomo HTR H4?)
-Front suspension (struts, springs, pans, bump stops, boots)
-Air conditioning (Compressor, receiver/dryer, expansion valve, blower motor, heater core, HVAC filter---blows 34 degrees) August 06
-Center and rear exhaust, 164S rear section

-Water pump replaced at 128k
-Most recent timing belt/valve adj done at 130k

To make it mechanically right, the rear supension badly needs updating. I have the struts, strut blocks, all the bushings/lateral arms. Also have front control arms, ball joints, and swaybar links and bushings. Could use motor mounts. I suspect it's losing a little coolant into the combustion chambers, but I've kept the coolant level topped, and it's also gotten no worse in the 9k it's been driven in the past year. Consumes a quart of oil around every 600-800 miles.


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