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I have a 1991 164 S not now running - nor sure why, it ran a couple of months ago...


Not running, probably needs head gasket.
Body in decent shape - needs a respray (peeling clearcoat)
Interior decent - headliner hanging in back
Cracked windshield - car still driveable.


Bra - these are pretty rare
Extra set of euro headlamps
Original sausage cutter wheels with new tires
Extra set of 225/45/17 Team Dynamics Pro 1.2 wheels with new tires

I'd like to get $2K for the whole package - the headlamps and 17" wheels are worth that I think.

There is also box 'o parts: used but good fuel pump, parts for a transmission, extra mass sensor, epu, etc.

And a full shop manual on disc.

If you're interested, probably best to get me at craigdp at gmail dot com as I don't get back here as often now.

Thanks for reading,
Craig Della Penna
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