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1989 spider stalls out frequently

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Hey guys,

My car is having problems stalling out. This is a recent development that keeps getting worse and developed a few weeks after installing a muffler (don't know if that's related).

Whenever I'm not accelerating, the car stalls out. So if I'm slowing down, it stalls out. If I cruise in neutral, it stalls out, and when I come to a stop, it stalls out, regardless of whether my engine is hot or cold.

When this problem first started, it wasn't as bad, but now it's basically guaranteed that under any of those conditions, it will stall out.

At first I would have some time (about 10 seconds) that I could stop without it stalling out. In those 10 seconds or so, my Alfa would vibrate an abnormal amount before finally stalling out. When it stalls out, the battery light goes on but the voltage-o-meter (not sure what it's called) isn't low.

I did have an air intake issue (my car wouldn't start) a few months ago, so I refitted / tightened the valve (which worked) but didn't replace it (not sure if that's relevant, just trying to provide as much info as possible).

All help is very much appreciated. Thanks!
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Sure sounds like a vacuum leak somewhere. Check all your hoses for tears or loose connections, especially the accordion section of the intake hose and the four short runners connecting the intake plenum.

The L-jet article will probably be helpful, too:

Bosch L-jetronic Fuel Injection Idle Adjustment Diagnostic and Tune Up Technical Article Alfa Romeo Spider Specific
how old is your fuel filter?over 5 years change it, if you are not getting enough fuel to the motor, it will stall it, thus turning on you low volt( battery ) light,
Dittos on the vacuum leak diagnosis. As you increase the RPMs the engine will rock slightly, I have seen the accordion section work it's self loose on my car due to the clamps being too tight. Follow the l-jet diagnosis page, it's the holly grail when diagnosing air leak issues.
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