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Back for sale. PRICE REDUCED!! $2000

The full set of pictures referenced in the description are here:[email protected]/2b264T

Flickr is nicer, but if that doesn’t work then look here:

I acquired the car locally in the Dallas, Texas area 9 years ago. The CarFax shows that the car was purchased originally in Kentucky, but lived from 1992 thru 1997 in Pennsylvania, before being licensed in Texas in January 1998, where it has remained since. It doesn’t seem to have suffered too badly from salty roads, with the exception of a few spots described below.
The car is fair in appearance, but I have maintained it as a reliable driver. With most of the suspension in polyurethane bushings and Koni yellow shocks, it is a stable and fun car on the road.

I have made some of the more expensive repairs on the car, notably the steering rack and the front exhaust section. The engine runs well for 180K, with no significant leaks. The clutch is in good shape, but probably original. It is said that they are 200K mile clutches, and so this one may be due for replacement before long, but it is working fine at the moment.
Included are the manuals and materials that came with the car (shown), also a soft copy of the factory service manual in PDF format on a thumb drive.

The following are major repairs by year:

Rear calipers, pads, rotors, refreshed half-shafts - new boots, grease. Poly rear sway bar end bushings.
Rear Wheel Bearings (turns out the “rump, rump” sound was a bad tire. Oh well, got new tires, too)
Fuel injector hoses (from fuel rail to injector), Fuel injector seals, Koni Yellow shocks, Ignition module, Front exhaust section (stainless Centerline High Performance unit with cat), Rear muffler, coolant overflow bottle
Power steering rack, tie rod ends, ball joints, sway bar bushings, upper control arm bushings (poly), forward arm bushes (poly), lower a-arm bushes, Front brake rotors and pads, steel braided brake lines
Transmission mounts
A/C Compressor and hoses, A/C blower motor (with a good cleaning of the blower box). I also fashioned a screen to keep leaves and debris out of the blower box, (shown in the pics), condenser and electric condenser fan.
Center exhaust, rear exhaust, water pump, timing belt. driveshaft rebuild (flex discs, center support, bearing), Fuel pump and lines, air plenum Hoses

The paint is not too bad with the exception of the hood, which is badly crazed and is not original. The hood looks to have been replaced and poorly repainted. I think it may have been popped in the nose or on the chin at some point, the lower radiator support was poorly straightened before, and I tried to work it back to a better place as best as I could (shown in the pictures). The plastic parts are losing their paint, some of this is shown in the pics.
There is a line of rust on the edge of the left rear wheel well (shown). Probably an artifact from life on the salty roads of the Great White North, although I will say I have not tended to it and it has not gotten any worse in the time I have owned the car. The steel fuel lines were too rusty for my liking and I made new ones (shown). Also shown in the pics is a rust through in the spare tire well (but the original tire tools are there!).
There are two cracks at the lower right of the windshield. One is stop drilled, and the other doesn’t look like it can go anywhere. Not in your field of vision, but unfortunately, they are there.
The door handle gaskets are crumbling (shown)

The interior is in pretty good shape, with one split seam in the rear seat (shown). The headliner was sagging when I got the car, but I glued it back in place and though not as smooth as original, it has held for several years. The leather steering wheel is disintegrating, as unfortunately all of them seem to do, and the arm rest is deteriorating also (shown)

The “Alfa Romeo Control” has lost its little digital mind and the lights flash randomly. The rear electric windows don’t work, and I have never traced out the problem. The passenger side window is intermittent. But fiddling with the switch usually gets it going, so it may be the switch. The turn signal detent is soft. Note the ignition and cold start switch to the left of the dash (shown). The anti-theft steering wheel lock failed and locked the steering column while I was driving, thankfully I was just pulling out of a parking lot, and so it was mainly an inconvenience. It could have been much worse, so I decided to remove that from the system, and go with a generic starting switch. The toggle switch energizes the cold start injector. I chased that problem unsatisfactorily for awhile, and just decided to go manual. So it squirts when you want it to, and doesn’t when you don’t. I’ve been happy with it.

I only put about 3000 miles a year on the car, it has been a spare driver/fun car. The air conditioning is still R-12 and is cold. I have an electric condenser fan relayed to the compressor, and so it runs when the AC is on. The suspension has been rebuilt with polyurethane bushings with the exception of the watts link bushes. They were not available at the time I was doing the work, and I was going to take care of that when I did the brakes this year, but they remain unavailable from the usual sources. The car has red coil springs in the back, and I don’t know what they are, but they are not stock.
As previously mentioned I haven’t focused too much on the cosmetics of this car, but have maintained it as a reliable and enjoyable driver.
I’ve tried to describe the car as thoroughly as possible, although I‘m sure I’ve forgotten something. Please message me with any questions, and don’t hesitate to throw me an offer, I will keep it under consideration.


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Interesting that it doesn't have the Verde rear spoiler as does our 89 Gold. Maybe yours is an earlier 89, as our Gold was supposedly one of the last for sale in the country, was told the last red one for sure. Also interesting that it has a leather steering wheel, as ours had the rubber one, replaced later by a Motolita leather. We have different seats/fabric as well. I'm suspecting that ours was thrown together using whatever they had left on the shelves, lol.

Indeed, fun car to drive. This looks to be a decent car to renew as a weekend style home hobby project for someone not afraid of a little garage work.

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Got your PM & info.

Since I don't have enough posts, it won't let me reply there. I'll reach out to you later in the week.

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Hello William:)
Congrats on the sale!
Just sent you a private message the other day-
any chance we could connect/chat about some basic Milano service I need done if willing?
Dallas resident.
cell: 214-789-5668
[email protected]
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