All, I am selling the 89 Spider I purchased from @farina in January of this year. Car is located in Charlotte, NC.

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because I do not have room for it and my recently returned GTV6:

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I wish I had room, but don't.

I worked with Giuseppe LoRe at Alfa Import Center in Charlotte to rectify the poor running and other maintenance needs as listed below:

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The solution was a new (used) wiring harness.

Beyond the purchase price, I have put in over $6K myself so definitely creating value for a buyer!

Will start off with the bad in interest of full disclosure:

1. Rebuilt title. Per Joe, he acquired the car from Florida where it was wrecked in front and first rebuilt title was issued. I have an NC title now
2. Aligned car to remove slight pull to right. Frame is not bent, however, front passenger bumper mount was pushed in and bumper has spacer on to provide correct appearance
3. Paint is good at 15 feet. Appears to be original paint, no rust, other than where front end was repaired. Numerous scratches, not too many dents. Fixed all dents and wet sanded/buffed paint for best possible appearance
4. Speedo/odometer do not work
5. At a full tank, gas gauge reads 2/3 full
6. A/C is inoperable as condenser was rusted out. I kept compressor once removed
7. Typical synchro issues. Car drives OK with proper rev matching. Downshift from 4th to 3rd is worst
8. No keys for the locks....Joe said he did not get them when he bought car.

Wow, with all that, what is the good? Lots:

1. Car starts perfectly every time and engine runs fantastic (cold compression: Cyl #1-140 psi, #2-155 pise, #3 & #4-150 psi each). It is a blast to drive
2. Convertible top is like new and plastic is clear
3. Full tune up including: a) new plugs, b) plug wires, c) cap/rotor, d) new valve cover gasket , e) new alternator belt, f) new fuel filter, g) oil change with 20W50 Valvoline VR1 and Baldwin oil filter (May 2022)
4. New radiator drain plug, new hoses, radiator cap and thermostat
5. All new front suspension rubber (May 2022)
6. New brake master cylinder and brake pads (June 2022)
7. New tires (July 2022)
8. Changed gearbox and diff fluids
9. New floor mats
10. New Bluetooth capable receiver and 4 new speakers

I drive this car weekly and it is so much fun to drive on twisty roads and holds its own on the highway. I have taken it to local cars & coffee a few times. Gets very positive comments despite some of the cosmetic issues.

I am asking $4250 to reflect my motivation to sell it. Not looking for trades.

I am presenting this as honestly as I can based on notes from previous owner and my 6 months of ownership.

Thanks, JP