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Greetings everyone. I bought a 1988 Spider QF in August. The car now has 35,700 original miles, and I wanted to get a baseline dyno measurement of the engine performance. It is stock to my knowledge except I put a K&N air filter in a week ago. I tried to start each of the 3 runs just over 2,000 RPM and tried to end at 6,200. The runs were done at WOT. The graphs below are for the middle run, all three were within 1-2 hp. I think the graph stops just before 6,000 because my tach may not be accurate.

I plan to put in a pair of performance cams from RG, the stock exhaust manifold from a '74 GTV, and the Centerline/Magnaflow performance exhaust system. May also recurve the distributor timing to advance in the mid range. I may need to make some adjustments to the Bosch L Jetronic fuel injection system after those mods and plan to do at least one more dyno run to check.

The car is running lean at WOT, but I believe this is typical for the Bosch L Jet FI system. I will try and figure out a way to measure the AFR just driving around town. I suspect the AFR is closer to 13.5 when street driving, even when doing spirited street driving, but I don't know.


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