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1988 Spider parts car

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I am parting out a 1988 red Spider Veloce that has 61,000 miles on it. The car was hit on the drivers front (bad bumper,hood,fenders), but did not get into the engine. The engine, trans,and diff are all in great condition. The interior is black with red accents and is good, but the seats are pretty worn looking. The top is black cloth style and is excellent. I am located in Louisville, KY and own an automotive shop so disassembly,testing, and shipping is available very easy. I will sell the car whole as well.
Mike Winebrenner
Winning Formula Inc.
3918 Bardstown Rd.
Louisville, KY 40218
work 502 499 7459
email: [email protected]
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How much for the Break Booster?
Seats? What color?
whole car?
I sent you a message.
I'm interested in the tranny. Let me know how much. I can pick it up.

Did you get a sale on the trans? If not, how much? I can also pick up.
[email protected]
Hello everyone, I still have the car and have sold the top,brakes,exhaust, and mirrors. I want to keep this parting out project going and will sell stuff cheap because I want garage space back. I am still open to offers for parts and /or whole car.

The trans. is still available.
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