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Greetings, this is my wife's Spider. She has driven it seldom in the years we've owned it and now that she has a Fiat 500 Sport on the "for sale" block it goes. I just listed it on ebay recently but had the usual flaky ebay "winner." I'm planning on posting it on ebay again once we return from Monterey Historics week. I post it here in case anyone is interested. my email: [email protected]

Spider can be delivered to Monterey next week if a deal is struck soon enough (by Aug 6) otherwise the car is located in Sacramento, CA


Here is the text from the upcoming ebay listing (I am "alfanut" on ebay and my feedback ratting is 100% with 1105 positive comments… last positive feedback was for the Citroen wagon I sold recently). Price: $5500
photos: 1988 ALFA ROMEO GRADUATE - Home

We've had this Spider Graduate for about 7 years. We bought it used from an engineer in the bay area who seemed to have taken care to keep it mechanically sound. As far as I know it is a california car from new. There is no rust on this car.

1988 Spider Graduate
144,267 miles*
2 liter DOHC cam engine
Bosch Fuel Injection
5 Speed transmission
4 wheel disc brakes
Air Conditioning
AM/FM/USB/MP3 player (aftermarket) w/electric antenna
Sump guard

We repainted the spider about 3 years ago. It is a very nice quality base and clear coat paint job. We removed all trim before paint so there is NO overspray on trim anywhere. They did not shoot the door jambs, engine compartment or trunk as that gets a bit too complicated and since the car was being repainted the same color. The car had one small dent in the right front fender but was otherwise apparently unmolested (no crash damage or other major dings)

About the same time we installed:
A new Robbin's canvas top. These are very nice quality tops. ROBBINS AUTO TOP COMPANY | CONVERTIBLE TOPS
New real leather seat covers (original graduate seats were vinyl)

Some items replaced during our ownership:
Catalytic convertor (about 5 years ago)
Cromodora alloy wheels (originals were steel) and tires (includes a fifth Cromodora spare!)
Brake master cylinder
Water pump (about 2 years ago)
Misc vacuum hoses

This Spider starts easily and runs happily in all temps. The transmission shifts cleanly. It exhibits some of the classic second gear syncro wear but with a slight pause it shifts very smoothly. The rear end does exhibit a pretty good whine at about 65mph but is quiet otherwise. It has made this noise the whole time we've had it. The fix is swapping in a newer (but still) used rear end. It will function fine (albeit noisy) like this forever. The whine does not portend any sort of expensive doom.

Other details:
Carpets are in decent shape we also have some lightweight mats in the car (see photos)
Dash mat came with the car. The dash underneath has typical cracks in it. (see photo)
Seats nicely redone in black leather as noted above
Steering wheel is leather covered and in good shape.
Door panels in good shape
Dash face in good shape
Glove box door fits a bit funky but does close and lock
original owner's manual
Gauges: Odometer and tachometer do not work (this is a typical issue with this type of alfa gauge cluster alas). Odometer gave up the ghost 3.5 years ago. Speedometer and all other gauges work correctly. * Current total mileage is estimated. We drive the car very little so feel confident the mileage estimate is conservative. As we drive it 3000 miles or less each year it gets an oil change once a year (last oil change Dec 2014). Odometer reads 135,267 + 9000 miles (3k per year) = 144,267
Includes two sets of keys. Door and glovebox locks work. Trunk lock does not work (has remote locking lever, it opens but can not be locked currently)
Windshield, side glass and mirrors in good shape. No bullseyes or cracks on the windshield. Window on convertible top is scratched.
Wiper motor works on slow speed only.
Tires have decent tread left and show no unusual wear patterns but sidewalls are cracked.
Has a squeak it makes sometimes when we go over a big bump. Coming from somewhere in the rear end. We've looked for it and had the shop look for it to no avail.
Variable Valve Timing device was not installed when this near last was on ebay (two weeks ago). I have since repaired and reinstalled the unit (see updated photos).
Air Conditioning needs attention. It stopped blowing cold air about 2 years ago. Probably has a leak in the system somewhere. All the equipment is still installed and running just no cold air.

Again, this is a very solid car. I believe I have honestly represented it here in the description and photos. I would not hesitate to drive it anywhere.

Potential buyers are welcome to come inspect the car and test drive it.


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Beautiful. So many nice cars on the wrong coast. I think if I ever again got an S3 Spider I'd get a Graduate; lighter and fewer things to go wrong. Good luck, looks well-worth the asking price to me.

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Thanks Rutlefan. Too bad shipping is so expensive that distance… could make a nice vacation though….
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