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Hello all, first post here, so thank you in advance for the assistance. I am potentially purchasing my grandfather’s 1988 Graduate. I haven’t seen the car in probably 10 years, and it has been parked (but occasionally started) since 2012. He has indicated that the car will need motor mounts, a few segments of fuel line, and a top to be driveable. That being said I am also anticipating tires, some brake work, as well as other tune-up related items (spark plugs, oil change, filters, other fluids, etc). From what I recall, the car drove well, albeit 10 years ago. It’s currently showing around 77k on the odometer, which is believed to be accurate according my grandfather as he purchased the car with around 30k miles in 1991. I was hoping to get some input as to other things to look out for and keep in mind when inspecting the car. It’s been a California car it’s entire life and has no rust. If anyone has any tips/input it would be greatly appreciated!


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