For sale is another 1988 Milano Verde.

I was gifted the car about 4 yrs ago, and had the hope of eventually making it into a nice, respectfully altered drivers car. But I was in college, and so it sat, and I have other cars now to care for. Last spring I made a concerted effort to start driving it again but just didn't have enough time, so the basic recent maintenance has been done.

It has ~280k miles, the chassis is straight and rust free, and it runs/drives. I'm the 3rd owner from what I can tell, anyone near to the NWARC chapter has likely seen this car at track days. The car is located in 98368.

The good: Its a Verde without a sunroof - 馃槻 the lighter the better right?. It has new F/R brake pads and calipers, and new rear rotors (the parking brake was seized after sitting, I had spares around so I did the works, front rotors were in tolerance). It has a new suede headliner (not a show stopper but doesn't fall on your head) and matching seat center fabric on the front seats (the rear seats are original in decent shape). It has new cutch flywheel bearings and the throw-out bearing was recently repacked. It has a bunch of the right suspension mods: Koni Yellows, IAP Red springs, Team Dynamics wheels.

The bad: It has what I think are some fuel injection issues - 'loapy' idle, stutter starting around 3k up to 4k, a bit low on torque for a 3.0, etc. It has the typical Milano driveshaft vibrations, strongest a 3.5k. The brakes are a bit spongey - I bled at length after installing new calipers but could never get it quite right, I suspect ABS to be problematic as that's where I have the least experience with these cars ( I have a couple other 2.5's). Its got some peeling clearcoat, which the PO covered with some carbon vinyl (surprisingly looks not as bad as it sounds).

I am very open to offers, the money doesn't mean as much to me as seeing it go to a loving home. If you want to pay for shipping I am happy to arrangr a pickup. Feel free to reach me at 3607742542 or PM.

Thanks for looking!