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1988 Milano Verde OEM (Clarion) radio question

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Dear Listers:
I have a question: Are the factory radios in the Milanos identical throughout the production run (1987-1989)? I know they are Clarion products, but does anyone know the model number?
Thanks much
P.S. want to locate and install original radio, a purist here!
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Oh yeah, and can anyone confirm that ALL radios will activate power antenna? thanks again
There were some cosmetic differences - the early radios had silver button (1987) and the later ones had black buttons.

They all should activate the antenna.

I think that I know of a radio that may be up for sale, as the person put an aftermarket unit into his 89 milano. I know that I have one just sitting, but I'm not ready to part with it yet.

I have one someplace that came out of my Verde if you want it let me know..
thanks everyone,. I have a radio and you have just all confirmed that it works and that it's the right one, thanks
ive got the radio AND the papaerwork for my platinum if its the same unit....whats a stock deck go for these days?
all i know is my radio has a handle on it, are you suppost to take it with you or something? :p
yeah its a "pullout" unit for security...i even have the carrying case for this unit....couldnt see anyone wanting to steal one these days tho LOL
haha surely no one did...? I could'nt imagine lugging it around town, say.
alot of us did back then.....ive got alot of old "pull outs" both the 2 units that i forgot to pull were stolen
Hi there. I'm 9 years late to this thread (!) so no idea who is still around, but I also have a Milano Verde with aftermarket radio that I want to take back to stock.

Any of you still have your OEM radios that you'd be willing to part with?

I think I may have one, give me a few more days to see where it is..
I have two original spares that I would be willing to part with. I will pop them into my car over the weekend, make sure they still work and get back to you.

Michael Conrey
Allentown, PA
*FYI* I think I recall that these stock Clarion heads also require a code to re-enable after battery power has been removed. So make sure you get the code (4-digit I think). I wrote mine on the radio chassis with sharpie - Since I owned mine in the mid-late 90's, I was not too worried about theft of a cassette player (Since CD player were already the standard)!! Lol -'sides it was hard to spot way down there in front of the shift boot. ;p
If you get a radio for your car, I have a manual for the radio!!
I've got the Alfa accessories brochure that come with my 75 TS. Just for some random info, there was about 6 different head unit options in Australia.
all i know is my radio has a handle on it, are you suppost to take it with you or something? :p
Haha yeah mine has the same, although the only reason why it is useful is so I can pull it out and stop it from playing. For some reason, it is always powered on!!
There is an on/off button. However, my wife usually just does the same, pulling it out part way to shut it off, and to keep it's memory from draining the battery even when turned off when the car is not used for a few days in a row or longer (small battery, and the car doesn't get driven very far when used).
For some reason, the on/off button doesn't do anything!! The joys of Alfa ownership haha!!
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