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1988 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde FS

I bought this car in June 2011 and turned it into my daily driver. It now has 137k miles on the functioning odo. A new addition to the family means I have to consolidate my hobbies/activities and slim down so I hope this car goes to someone who will keep improving and enjoying it. I haven't had the time to drive it more than once since December so I think it best to let it go. It received new brake pads and a front wheel bearing at that time and shortly after the door cards and seats were swapped with very good condition examples from a parts car and since then only the driver’s seat thigh bolster shows notable wear. New covers are available from suppliers to get it to 100%.

-RJR short ratio gearset retaining 3.55 final drive, tired 1-2 and 2-3 synchros but no problem for a proficient Alfa driver, they haven’t gotten worse in the time I’ve had it.
-Currently has 27mm front torsion bars and Shankle SuperSport rear springs with Koni yellows,
Supplied with RJR .75” drop spindles and Alfetta rear anti-roll bar and springs so you can swap to the full RJR spec.
Recent Kumho Ecsta 712s, 205/50-15 on GTV6 “elektron” alloy wheels (~13lb ea), no spare
-Poly bushings all over except possibly at nose of Dedion (not sure), new a-arm bushings at 110kmi
-Motor had new main bearings put in at 100k, heads milled and S-cams installed
-New timing belt, tensioner and water pump installed 9/17/12
-No structural rust, one 1/8” spot rusted through where trunk rubber stop meets body.
-ABS-ectomy, new brake pads
-New alternator
-New trunk seal and gas filler hose so no gas smell in cabin
-New clutch fork pivot pin and used fork installed last summer
-Sony AM/FM/CD stereo with stock speakers
-All the window and power locks work though the driver's side is a little slow on first application, then speeds up. Sunroof works but doesn't stop automatically
-Records nearly from new.

AC charge is low, once the engine compartment heats up the low pressure switch will close and cold air is produced but more Freon is necessary for normal operation.

The ARC has the Dimension Engineering 12v to 5v converter but I think there is an underdash ground problem as the ARC has now stopped working. I just remember to rev to 3000 to get the alternator charging. It’s an Alfa, how hard is that? Once the weather warms up enough that plastics won’t crack I’ll look into it.

I recently replaced the ventilation mode knob as the original cracked at the cable connection point (as they do at this age). The heater is powerful and fan is good but speed 2 doesn’t work, just 1 and 3.

The outside is a bit scruffy as it was next on the to-do list. it could use new paint on the horizontal surfaces and the clearcoat is peeling on the roof rails. I have very good condition windowline plastic trim to replace the sun-scorched items on the car.

This car runs through the gears smoothly and is a lot of fun. It's not a show car but scruffy and lovable. Numerous spares included. Car is located in northwest Baltimore, MD and I’m asking $5500.

More pictures available upon request.


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Former Maryland boy is interested

Car looks just as you describe, "scruffy but lovable". Seems like the important stuff has been done to it. PM sent.
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