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I bought this car in June 2011 at 124kmi and turned it from a trackday car into my daily driver until 2013 when it was retired to occasional use in anticipation of a light restoration. It now has 137k miles on the functioning odo. Unfortunately, after a couple hard MA winters, I've realized I don’t have the facilities or time to address its rust issues though I’ve been collecting parts over the years to restore it to the condition it deserves. I hope this car goes to someone who will enjoy restoring it. I’ll miss the giggling of the boys during our spirited rides together but maybe this can be the new owner’s motivation to finish this project.

-RJR short ratio gearset retaining 3.55 final drive, tired 1-2 and 2-3 synchros but no problem for a proficient Alfa driver, they haven’t gotten worse in the time I’ve had it.
-27mm front torsion bars and alfetta rear springs with well-matched Spica USD shocks
and RJR .75” drop spindles. Alfetta rear anti-roll bar included so you can swap it in for the full RJR spec. Stock spindles included.
-Kumho Ecsta 712s, 205/50-15 on GTV6 “elektron” alloy wheels (~13lb ea), no spare
-Poly bushings in Watt’s linkage, new a-arm bushings at 110kmi. Included is an SZ DeDion bearing and poly front anti-roll bar mount bushings
-Motor had new main bearings put in at 100k, heads milled and S-cams installed
-New timing belt, tensioner and water pump installed 9/17/12
-Rusty dogleg on passenger side, driver side not as bad but needs attention as well. Floor at driver jack point has perforated and is not usable.
-ABS-ectomy, all new brake discs and pads in 2016, rebuilt vacuum booster, new LR caliper.
-New battery in 2016
-New trunk seal and gas filler hose so no gas smell in cabin
-New clutch fork pivot pin and used fork installed 2012
-Sony AM/FM/CD stereo with stock speakers. Like you care.
-All the window and power locks work. Sunroof works but doesn't stop automatically. I’m including a few extra window regulators.
-Records nearly from new.
-new inner tie rods and boots installed on driver’s side, have parts for passenger side
-remanufactured high pressure power steering hose, power steering pump has new O-rings and seal
-R-12 charge is low so compressor won’t turn on. I have a can but converting to a modern refrigerant is in order.
-new oil and filter change earlier this month.

The ARC has the Dimension Engineering 12v to 5v converter so the ARC works. The float for the windshield wiper fluid sinks so I’ve unplugged the sensor.

Blower speed 2 doesn’t work, just 1 and 3.

The outside is a bit scruffy as it was next on the to-do list. Needs paint. I have very good condition windowline plastic trim to replace the sun-scorched items on the car and NOS rear red reflector strip.
Spares include NOS radiator support, Instrument binnacle surround, Speedo sender and box, Control arm caster rod ball joint plates (but not the ball joints), Series 2 grille and cloisonne, center console, trunk carpet, hood, thermostat, excellent rear seat and back, Centerline rear wheel arch patch panels (both sides).

Just passed MA inspection. Located north of Boston in Swampscott, priced for quick sale at $3000.

See pics here

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Hi, I'll be in Boston this weekend and I may have time to check out your verde. Shoot me a text at (317) 869-5810 if you think you'll be free Sunday afternoon.
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