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1988 Milano Verde in Anthracite Grey for sale. Car is located in Longmont, CO.




Lots more pics at google photos, link below:


As far as I have records for this car has been a Texas and Colorado car and shows almost no rust (you'll see some surface rust in spare tire well and a patch of surface rust or two on the undercarriage). It was resprayed in Anthracite gray in 2014. I have receipts as well as paint codes and documentation. There were several nice modifications made prior to paint. Sunroof has been deleted. Interior lights are converted to LED. Antenna relocated to rear of roof, nice touch. I believe the grill is upgraded. Everything was very well done..


- Overall the paint is in excellent shape and body straight, however there is very light hail damage to trunk lid, roof, hood - which is difficult to see in the pictures and only visible in person if you really look for it. The estimate I received to repair was $2800. There is a photo in google photos that shows a blemish in the paint on the right rear quarter panel - it appears to be peeling paint but it is not – it is an artifact of prep underneath but paint is otherwise excellent all around. All glass is good. No accidents to my knowledge, and this is believable as I've been through the car thoroughly and have found no evidence of prior repairs.

  • Overall the car is in excellent mechanical shape - it has been gone through in the past 12 months with many new parts (see below).
  • Complete new front end - tie rod ends, upper/lower ball joints, lower control arm bushings, alignment
  • Rear wheel bearings
  • Rear calipers
  • Brake pads all around
  • Front brake hoses
  • New master cylinder (23mm)
  • Drilled/slotted rotors
  • Cleaned/repacked CV joints on halfshafts and installed new boots
  • Rebuilt ISO shift linkage – operates like new
  • Remanufactured AFM – correct for 3L
  • All (except rear sway bar) suspension bushings replaced with poly - front sway bar, DeDion, watts links, upper control arm, caster rod
  • Fuel injector hoses and electrical connectors replaced with new
  • Rear driveshaft donut has been replaced
  • Transaxle was removed during brake changeout/driveshaft inspection and I removed the clutch and replaced with a used unit with more than 75% life left. Trans was disassembled, inspected, reassembled with new trans mounts, axle seals and front main seal.
  • Power steering rack was removed, disassembled, and reassembled with new boots and lightweight synthetic grease. Nothing was done that precludes the rack from being rebuilt as a power steering unit and converted back. I will include a spare disassembled rack. The issue was that the rack leaked like crazy, and during the rebuild I was unable to find the correct shaft seal/bushing - I have since located and will include a rebuild kit with the car. In the meantime, the steering is fantastic and except for very slow parallel parking maneuvers, is a joy to drive less the power assist. All hoses and pump/pump hardware are included. Hoses are still installed in car and capped off/secured.
  • A/C is installed and worked when I bought the car but it was weak. It does not blow cold currently but fan works and compressor clutch is good. I believe it needs to be charged but I suspect there may be a leak in a hose or fitting.
  • Exhaust is stock - Will need repair of tail pipe to center pipe connection. Exhaust was welded together and needed to be separated for service work I performed. Currently clamped with sleeve and is completely secure, but not correct.
  • Dash shows some cracks near windshield.
  • All lights and switches work. Dash lights are working (ARC as well).
  • Rest of interior is in excellent shape.
  • The interior seats are in excellent condition. The front seats are re-upholstered and the fabric, while not sporting the embroidered RECARO, is almost a dead match for the OEM pattern.
  • Tach is not working properly but I have a spare that is included.
  • Speedometer functions perfectly however mileage will show discrepancy on CARFAX due to trans changeout with previous owner. Owner changed speedo at same time thinking that would keep correct mph with new gearing, and took it through inspection so the miles were logged. Then changed back to Verde transaxle and original speedometer. My estimate is there are about 136K miles on the car. I had oil sump off to reseal, checked bearings/wear and the bottom end looks very good. The 3L engine runs strong and doesn't smoke.
  • Rear windows and back window have medium tint applied - it is high quality and looks great, but it's easy to remove if you desire. I removed it from the front driver and passenger side windows. All power windows work.
  • 25.4mm front torsion bars
  • Sport rear springs (red)
  • Super sport front sway bar
  • Koni sport shocks (yellow) installed all around.
  • Rota wheels in excellent shape (like new) and 2 spare (brand new in box) included.
  • Tires are high performance summer tires and are at 85%.
I will include many spares, including:
  • some hoses
  • Coil
  • Water pump (brand new)
  • 2 spare Rota wheels new in box
  • Interior switches (lights, power window, etc.)
  • Steering wheel
  • Tach
  • Speedo
  • Large rear sway bar (25 mm)
  • Master Cylinder (new in box)
  • Trunk lid (if you want it)
  • Hood (if you want it)
Not perfect but in great overall and running condition and lots of fun to drive. Asking $8500. Trying to make room for another vehicle.

Lots to read, and thank you for taking the time if you made it this far!


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Can you some provide some detail on how the sunroof was deleted? Was the existing sunroof panel welded into place ? or was a metal roof panel from a non sunroof car grafted in ? What about the headliner ? is that from a non sunroof car?
Can you shoot a picture of the headliner where the sunroof normally is?


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If someone local doesn't buy this I will be sad to see this one leave Colorado!

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Well, if I hadn't just bought the "animal" Chevy SS, and could talk my wife into it (she isn't really a red car fan, lol) but cannot, I would have considered this car, as that's what we tried to buy new, but none were left by time we got around to wanting a new Milano. Instead, we ended up with what Lino said was the last new red 89, a Gold, in the country. Still a very pristine, unmolested, all in showroom condition, original perfect no dent paint red great running Gold, which my wife does like. Oh well. We did admire "multicam's" copy of this grey Verde, in Hartford.

We like the color. And, of course, the Verde would have more spunk than the Gold.
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