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I am not an Alfa Guy, but got this car a few years ago. Here is what I know about it.

1. I got the car about October-2008.
2. I registered it non-op last year.
3. I drove it daily for about 2000 miles, and it started and drove
pretty well, I was driving it for about 4-6 months
4. It has good tires.
5. It does not leak anything.
6. The heater core is bypassed with a manual ball shutoff valve.
7. The headliner is not gone, just the moon-roof portion, but it does
hang down.
8. I smogged it when I got it, and had it registered and insured for 2009.
9. The I felt the guibo go bad as I drove it, until it failed, making
the car not able to idle without a crapload of noise. Was planning on
replacing and may still do it.
10. The car has about 200k miles on it, and most everything works, including AC.
11. It has a decient stereo with good speakers.
12 Recaro front seat, a bit tore up. Back seats are clean.
13. Windsheild is not cracked and all parts are intact including working powersteering pump.

This car needs to go, it is not drive-able with the broken guibo, but is a decent runner once that is fixed. Needs to be hauled away.


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