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1988 Milano 25 for sale

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For those who may be interested is 1988 Milano Sedan, Automatic located in San Jose Ca.. The car has 88,374 original miles. The car has been in my possession for the last 5 years. During this period repaired/replaced motor mounts, dion bushing, timing belt, brakes, battery, water pump, themostat, alternator, starter and a new oversize radiator, 4 tires.
To say the least the car has some relativly new parts. The body with the exception of the Rt. 1/4 pannel and Rt. side hood front, cracked headlamp. the rest of the body is rust free and in great shape.
The interior is in need of restoration, new sony removable face radio.
In all, the car runs good and would be good for a restoration project or for some one who needs parts.
I was looking to get 2000.00 but will consider offers


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Some Questions

Would you say that she's a strong runner? How bad is the interior,
do you have any pictures? I'd be very intersted in the car if it's
strong mechanically with a tired interior. How far is San Jose from LA,
I'm relocating to there in 2 weeks and I'm looking for a daily driver.

Thank you for the inquire. The car I fell still has some strength. It starts every day, and I still run with the german cars (BMW) at 100mph and it does not feel like I'm going that fast untill i look down. Anyway, I can take some pictures of the interior for your review. in regard to locations, san jose is nothern and LA southern 5 hours drive between aprox.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts