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1988 Alfa Spider veloce ac system


Here we go again, more problems. The ac pressure line between the condenser and compressor just blew out, goes to top of the condenser and does not look like it is going to be fun getting it out.

It looks like removing the front bumper and that grill under it will help, nothing else is removable as everything is welded together on the front end.

Like normal condensers do these have a problem with the line steel nuts to aluminum condenser lines where the threads strip off when seperating the lines?

The first thing I must do is remove the hose and have one made for it, then hopefully condenser is ok from removing the line and replace the receiver/dryer, I wont know if the line was just rubbing the frame or if the pressure was too high causing the hose to swell and rub that caused it until getting the system back together, everything was working perfect and boom blew out the line.

It looks like if I do have problems with the condenser that I need only remove the fan from the front of it, remove the 4 screws mounting it and the 2 hoses then I can slide it right stright down and out..... that is by looks and theory.

To add to this I just noticed the receiver/dryer to evap core line is rubbed through or very close as well so this line needs to be removed and replaced with a new one, both these hoses are not available so I have to go to a shop that builds them and have them make them for me.

Next question, this hose from receiver/dryer to evap core is just hose through the firewall so connection is inside the cabin, how do you access the evap core on these?
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