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A few questions to start my 1987 Spider Graduate down the path of restoring its innate beauty:

Which badge is the correct one to go on the center of the trunk? I want to buy the correct one but when I looked in the Centerline catalog I wasn't sure it was there....

What other badges shlould I have on the car?

Also I would like to replace the cracked dash. Is this really difficult to do? It looks like they have a new one available through Centerline. Need to check on availability though.

Thanks & have a great driving weekend!!


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Same badge goes on the nose and rear deck.
Serpent & Cross Alfa Grill Emblem - 75mm

Point of note, the badge may or may not come with a double sided tape ring along with two molded pins sticking out the back.
If so, it's a sort of 'transitional multi~use' badge.
You use the pins to put it on the front, and the tape on the rear deck (with pins cut off if no holes are present)
Set up that way, the same badge can be used from 83~94 on both ends of the car as opposed to a specific 'this one has pins, this one doesn't' scenario where the only actual difference is the presence or lack there~of of the pins.
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