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This is a 45,000 mile, two owner original Quadrifoglio spider. These top-of-the-line spiders are increasingly hard to find in original condition. This Spider has a two owner documented history from new. It is nearly rust and appears to be accident free.

It is rare to see all original and unmolested Alfa spiders. This example is in very good condition. It wears all its original black paint from the factory however it does appear that there was cheap paintwork performed years ago. There are some small dents, scratches and chips on a few of the panels that a dent repair shop may be able to make disappear.

The dash pad has one small crack, a common problem for abused or neglected Alfas. The leather wrapped steering wheel is in very nice condition.

The car was serviced by an Alfa-only shop. They checked the compression and serviced the fuel injection. The engine is excellent and strong with excellent compression. The car runs and drives wonderfully in all respects. Just as you would expect with a 45k mile car.

The brakes and handling of the car are fine. There are no squeaks and rattles. It is very tight and supple.

Tires are in very good condition.

This Quad was bought new on June 2nd, 1987 by Joyce Prater from Graffeo's Imported Cars from Birmingham, Alabama. By September 24th, 1990 the Quad was sold to David Jones from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. By that time the Alfa had accumulated a mere 14,100 miles. David enjoyed the Quad for the next 24 years.

Now the condensed version of my 87 Quad --- it will need the following checked or replaced:

Convertible top replaced --- dried out from the many years in the sunny south.

Horn - Turn signals/4 ways not working -

drivers seat and passengers seat are fine however the have a seam separation on the corners and may require some re-stitching

exhaust leak ---will need some attention --- muffler looks good

overall - my Quad is a decent example of Alfa's Top of the Line car in 1987 --- yes it does need some sorting out however after that you will have an Alfa with low miles that you can drive and enjoy for years to come. Feel free to contact me for further photos and info
$5900.00 -


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I am interested in the car

sounds and looks good. I have my heart set on a red one. I am finding them at 7, 8, 9 10k, and it will cost me about 4-5k to repaint this one. [email protected] 217493 7548. okay the roof is old and windows probably opaque. does it stay dry at the moment? what about AC, transmission, differential, brakes, alignment, rust if any where? is there a hard top? How is 2nd gear? where does she seep?

Do you have any interest in Powered paragliding I have a whole PPG engine I need to sell or trade maybe for Part of the $$.
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