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1987 Milano Silver w Verde body Kit $2000 ???

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I'm gauging interest on this again.

I have a 1987 Milano Silver. 2.5. Metallic Blue. Full Verde body kit.
ANSA mid and rear exhaust.

Some folks asked for some more pics:

Original Pictures here.

I've had this 1987 Milano Silver for about 6 months.
I've mainly just cleaned her up. My mechanics have done the following:
Replaced clutch. It was slipping. Had to be done.
Replaced catalytic converter.
tune up and adjust for Colorado Emissions.

But I realize that I just don't need 2 projects. I originally thought
I might get this car just as a parts car. But I didn't have the heart to
gut her. So I fixed the major stuff and she is a nice car. My friend
Tom (not Exception AKA Dutch Tom) drove it for a month
while he was visiting from Paris so it got some use.

It has numerous quirks. Suspension needs sorting. Power steering needs
fixed. Speedometer and odometer are NOT working.

But basically it is a really nice straight clean car. I want to recoup *some* or all
of the money I have in it and put that back into my GTV6. And I want to get a new
carport installed at my house, pay off credit cards etc.

Drop me a line if you are looking for a Milano in this price range. I've got around
$2500 in the car and the repairs so am looking to get around that. But I realize
that might be hard to get.

Comments and or questions appreciated.

$2000 for a running car with nice paint new clutch and smogged.
Anyone ???
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Milanos have always been an acquired taste, so due to the lack of strong demand people have the impression that they can pay next to nothing for one... The reality is that you can't get much more than a parts car for $2k, and this looks much better than any parts car. I can't believe that $2.5k would be too much, so $2k is a real bargain!

Best regards,
bump. Any interest ? $2000 for a road legal car
The reality is that you can't get much more than a parts car for $2k, and this looks much better than any parts car.
Ehh, $2K buys you a very nice running sorted Gold or Silver...

Ratty Gold in Pa $700 (

Good looking Verde in Va $2000(

Ratty auto platinum in Ca, no bids.(

Good looking Gold in CA, still bidding at $1100(

Milano owners love their Milano (i would argue more than all other Alfa owners) and ALWAYS put more into their car than it will ever return. I'm not just talking JJ or Jes money, i recently rebuild the drive shaft and converted the brakes from ABS to manual on my Verde. With all the time and money i spent on the car it might have gained $100 bucks on my resale value, $35 of that was because i filled the tank up full with premium.

That being said i think you have a great Milano, if you wait long enough you will find a buyer for her at this price. Wait it out or try Evilbay.
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