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1987 Milano Platinum
87,700 Miles
Third owner, purchased from an Alfa BB member in March of 2013
Located in Dallas, TX, car located just minutes from D/FW airport and I work about a mile from Love Field, will happily pick-up any prospective buyer from either airport.

Binder full of maintenance records, full shop manual, and the wonderful luggage

Interior is in fantastic shape, save for two minor trim pieces. Christmas tree has not given me any issues. Fuel guage only works from full to half-empty; all other gauges operating properly.

No structural rust, but there are two spots of body rust: rear passenger wheel arch and under the driver's rear brake light (both shown below).

New starter in the summer of 2013 (be glad it's been done, that's a job I'd rather not do again), regular maintenance (air filters, oil changes, spark plugs) since I've owned it.

This was my daily driver for about a year, only stranded me once (when the starter grenaded itself). Eventually tired of sweating in Dallas traffic in slacks and a dress shirt, so for about 6 months now it's been relegated to having its legs stretched a couple of times a month to keep it fresh, and I'm tired of it not being used and want it to go to someone who is going to get out of it what I did in the first 12 months that I owned it. No deferred maintenance items as of yet, and I'd rather not be the one responsible for letting it slip to that point.


  • Will probably be due for timing belt/water pump/valve adjustment here in the next 3k-5k miles.
  • Also has a minor exhaust leak; donut gasket between passenger-side header and downpipe was in less-than-ideal shape when pulled to change starter, could not find the appropriate donut gasket replacement, and thus the old gasket had to suffice for the time being.
  • A/C operating but, as expected, not blowing cold. Have an Freeze12 recharge kit sitting around that can go with the car. Heat works beautifully





More pictures are forthcoming; it began raining on me (in broad daylight, no less) as I took these, so I've been needing to get back out and get proper exterior shots.

Car is not perfect by any means, but it's a solid driver with a good history and I've been as honest as I can with the current state of the car. Feel free to PM or comment with any questions.

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PO's list of maintenance since 2009. Which reminds me that the front two windows are starting to need help going back up; sometimes they stick, sometimes they don't, I've just resorted to only rolling them down 3-4 inches at a time and that avoids the problem:

2009: New fuel pump
Replaced right front brake caliper (remanufactured from International)
New ignition wires
New exhaust system from manifold back
New clutch
New voltage regulator
New ECT sensor
New rear motor mount
New fuel pressure regulator
New transaxle mount
New valve intake shims
New lower ball joints
New AC blower motor

2010: Replaced right rear brake caliper (remanufactured from International)
New brake pads
Replaced left rear brake caliper (remanufactured from International)

2011: New water pump
New timing belt tensioner and timing belt

2012: New rear wheel bearing
New steering wheel (original one's horn button failed, new aftermarket one from Centerline)
Had transmission/transaxle rebuilt by APE in California
Replaced power steering pump (used supplied by APE in California)
New front flexible driveshaft coupling
New timing belt tensioner and timing belt (routine replacement of belt based on mileage, but previous tensioner replaced due to defective part)
New rear transmission mount
New O2 sensor

2013: Replaced electric antenna
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