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1987 Alfa Spider Quadrifolio

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Wasn't this car displayed at the 2006 AROC National Convention Concours in Tulsa?

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Hi Enrique I am afraid you have this car mixed up with a different Alfa I don't think this car has left California for quite some time . I read your article in Automobile .Great job. I grew up in New jersey so I know what you mean about finding a day in the late fall that you can put the top down. You don't get them often but they sure are sweet when you do. Take care Roy
Hi Roy,

Interesting... I saw the wheels with the red inside color, and remembered that one with similar wheels was at the Tulsa Concours. A person who was not the owner brought it to the show, and we washed our cars side by side the day before. It was in beautiful shape, and scored a third place in class at the event. My '84 came in second place at that event, with only a minimal difference between our points...

Thanks for the comments about the article.

Your car looks gorgeous. I too hope that it goes to a good home.

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Are you in California? Nice car.....Are you the original owner? Thanks.
Yes I am in California Southern orange county I am not the original owner
Sent you a PM....
Interested in the alfa!

Hi Roy, very interested in your alfa, a beautiful example. I've been looking for an alfa quad for over a year, my friends keep telling me to look at other cars but TR6s, MGs, etc etc just don't do it and I'm a brit. I'm based in San Diego and would love to come up and see the car. Are you agreeable to having the car checked out, I would assume yes. let me know, cheers

Status of this car?
this car is still for sale

Hi I am interested in this car. Do you have a photo with the soft top up? Would like to see. Any idea shipping cost to Vail, CO. Trying to get an Alfa to Vail by 7/2. Thx. Ron
Re Alfa for sale

Hi Ron I am sorry but it looks like this car is sold I am awaiting payment and shipping instructions. If something does not work out I will get in touch with you.
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