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I'm trying to cull the transaxle herd a bit, to concentrate on a project or two, instead of 4+ projects that never get done.

I'd like to sell a 1987 Milano that I bought as a 'spare' car for Lemons racing (made sense at the time, I thought). California car, came to Michigan years ago. Great starting point for a track car or crap-can racing endeavor. Left the factory as a Platium, I think, but not one anymore. Seats were changed before I got it, for example. I know most of the owners of the car since it arrived in Michigan. It was a 'spare' for a Michigan Rally racer for a while, from what I understand.

I bought it with a 2.5L that had a bent valve. I replaced that motor with a 2.5L I had taking up space. It spent a couple years outside, but has been stored indoors the last few years. The indoor storage appears to have led to some surface rust underhood and around transaxle/rear brakes.

  • It starts and runs. (Fired up tonight after replacing fuel pump earlier in the week, and pulling off mouse-nest infested exhaust.)
  • CA shell, though with usual rear wheel arch rust.
  • Transaxle (non-LSD) has very few miles on it since it was rebuilt many years ago.

  • Brakes haven't been bled enough for safe street driving, but it will stop.
  • Radiator leaks
  • When pushing it off the trailer when the engine was out a few years ago, it rolled much further than I thought and hit a tree. Luckily the left rear corner sheet metal absorbed most of the energy from the impact, saving the rear bumper from damage, and subsequent loss of Concours points.
  • Spent a little time parked outside, where my dad smacked the right taillight with a farm implement (I have a replacement)
  • Power steering inoperative
  • Turn signal stalk not working, but I have a spare.
(Actually, I have lots of spares of things I can include, like my prized collection of V6 distributors, fuel rails, or intake plenums...)

I'm located in Detroit Metro area. I can negotiably deliver within a few hundred miles, if needed.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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