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1986 Spyder Pininfarina FOR SALE - Houston, Texas

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Red, 1986 Spyder brought back from Italy in 2011. Driven sparingly since, in Hill Country and Houston Heights. Good condition, maintained by same mechanic in Napoli from 1986-2011, since with Alfa specialists in Houston.

Photos attached.

Looking for a good home, willing to sell for ~$8K USD.


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most interesting. An S3 monopod with Webers.
Should be in the for sale forum for wider viewing.
Nice, but it's a "Spider" not a "Spyder."
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was wondering if it was 2 liter or 1.6
Looking at the tag I can make out tipo 115.38, so would have the AR00515 two liter engine (with carbs)
(Italy also had the 1600 version of same)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts