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1986 Spider parts - everything is gone

Everything was sold or given away - nothing left

Too many parts for individual pictures. Unless it says Sold, I'm open to offers to everything on this Picasa page:

New additions in Bold

Vacuum sensor
Gas tank cover
Map pockets
Door reflectors
Interior door handles
Steering column shroud
Dimmer switch
Speedo and Tach shrouds
Top dash vents
Center console panels
Firewall grommet
A/C system
Fuel injector rail
Thermostat housing
Turn signal housing
Hood release bracket
Headlight buckets
Rusty oil vapor separator
Shift shaft
Tranny shifter cover
Heater box
Heater vents
Engine wiring harness
Seat hardware
Center console
Center console wiring
Emissions box in trunk
Gas inlet
Intake manifold
Wing windows
Gas pedal assembly
Sway bars and mounts
Center link
Emergency brake cable
Tranny exhaust mount
Bunch of trim pieces
Gas door
Rear lights (rough)
Hood hinges
Emergency brake handle - cracked plastic
Wiper motor
Gas tank sending unit cover
Power Window motors and accessories
Power window emergency crank

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What a great set of pictures (except for the last one). I admire your sense of organization and attention to detail.
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mfanucci, got it. Unfortunately my son took the bottom cover off and it disassembled.
However, we have all the pieces. Do you have one that can act as a model?

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mfanucci, by manner of deduction we put it all back together. It has the left/right selector knob and chrome ring. $125 on eBay! Crazy. I'll take $50 shipped.
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