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Time to put him on the market, as the 102 Roadster is pretty much ready to drive this summer.

1986 Quadrifoglio. appx 129,000 miles. Silver with black/gray interior and red carpet.


The good:
I bought it on Ebay from northern California. It was a "barn find", having been stored in a dark garage for 10+ years between 1995 and when I bought it in 2006. No rust at all. It didn't run, but I thought that would be easy to fix. In the end, here's what I've done to it:

New battery
New Bosch main fuel pump
New tank pump
New fuel lines
Removed and cleaned fuel tank
New fuel filter
Overhauled injectors
New pressure regulator
New cold start valve
New thermo-time switch
New main relay
New plugs
New cylinder head temp switch
Replaced power wire from alternator to junction box
New fuel tank filler hose
New air-intake hose
New tires
New water pump
New thermostat
New plastic fan blade
Radiator cleaned, checked and painted
All new radiator hoses
New red Koni shocks
Replaced left caster-rod bushing
New left tie-rod end
New engine mounts
New leather seat covers, professionally installed
New paint less than 100 miles ago. Done by Vintage Class Motorcars, who did the body work on my 102 Roadster. They fixed all dings and scratches, so the car exterior is a 9.9 (nothing is perfect in this life, but this one's very nice). You can find my lengthy thread in the 1900/2000/2600 area to get a glimpse of the type of work VMC does.
New door rubber seals
4 new speakers
New electric antenna
Rear seat belt suitable for child sitting in car-seat in rear area. Mounted to shoulder harness mounts, so can be easily removed.

The Good:
I found an unused Quad factory boot cover. I don't use it as it impedes the driver's seat from going fully back, and I'm 6'2"

New aftermarket boot cover. Not as snazzy as the factory padded unit, but you can move the seat all the way back.

It appears to be an original top, but as the car was in storage from 1995 until I bought it, the top is very very good. No tears, and the rear window is excellent. I rarely put it up, as this car's mission is summertime fun.

The car runs well, and the chassis is tight and true. Although I do not have many records prior to my purchase, it appears to have been well maintained, and then parked when Alfa left the US. I don't know why it was parked, perhaps due to one of the failed parts I replaced?

The interior is quite nice, particularly with the new leather seat covers. I bought black seat covers with red stitching (actually more of a graphite) rather than the original gray, as I didn't like the look of the gray. It cost $600 to have them installed, plus the cost of the covers, as I had the cushions all steamed and re-formed, and the whole thing done by a professional upholsterer. No cracks in the dash.

Power windows and mirrors work fine.

Alpine stereo/Cassette works fine. ZZ Top currently in the cassette drawer.

It comes with:
Hardtop. Not the original, which didn't come with the car. It is also silver and is an original Quad top that I bought on Ebay. It's pretty rough, and I've never used it, although I have mounted it to ensure fit. If I keep the car, I'll end up restoring the hardtop, which won't be hard, but I'm more interested in working on my 102. I have all of the hardware to use the top.

Mucho extra parts. I'm an Ebay scrounger, and tend to buy things I don't need for the day I might need them. Thus, the car will come with a fresh clutch set (not new, but very low-time), new-in-package Bosch main fuel pump, new in-tank pump, Cap/Rotor, various relays, transmission mount bushing, right-side tie rod end. Underside hood insulation mats that I bought but never installed. Most of a gasket set. New brass VVT mounting bushing. More stuff than I can remember.

Fitted car cover with "Alfa Romeo" on the nose.

What needs attention or ignoring - your choice:
I removed the air conditioning compressor, condenser, electric fan, and hoses. We simply don't need AC here in northern NV, and I'm fond of less weight. I do not know if it all worked before removal, as the belt was not installed, and I didn't bother to check. I have all parts, and you can re-install if you want. AC blower fan works great.

2nd gear synchro is average. Once it warms up it is scarcely noticeable, and I've long adapted my shifting to suit this unique Alfa demand. I would NOT consider any repairs at this time, as the trans works great otherwise, and it takes only a brief pause during cold upshifts, and very little when warm. I've got some Redline oil I plan to put in when things warm up that rumors suggest might help a little, but it really isn't much of a problem. Just offering "full disclosure". I have a new rear trans mount bushing that probably ought to be installed, but I haven't actually inspected the existing unit. There are no indications of problems, just that one ought to replace this piece when the motor mounts are done. I just haven't gotten around to it.

Trunk carpets. They're all there and look OK, but the piece over the battery is torn along the top. Not noticeable when in place, but when you uncover the battery you can see it.

Passenger compartment carpets. No tears, but they've got 25 years on them. A good professional cleaning might bring them up to a 9, or you could install the molded black carpet from IAP. I'm not really a fan of the red, so that's what I'd do if I was going to keep the car.

I can't figure out how to set the clock, or maybe the set buttons are dead, but I don't much care.

Odometer broke. The car had 122k on it when I bought it, and the odo worked fine. It quit working at about 128k, and with my minimal useage that was certainly less than 1,000 miles ago. Speedo works fine. Tachometer works fine, but seems to be reading slightly low.

Heater fan in-op. Switch seems to be intermittent as well, but the fan doesn't come on regardless of switch condition. I don't drive it in the cold, so haven't gotten around to fixing this relatively common problem.

Valve adjustment. It's due. I have the shims, and may get around to it before the car sells, or not.

In short - a great car that I put far more into than makes economical sense, but I did it for fun. This car runs very well, and looks great, and needs nothing to enjoy. It looks new from the outside, and very nearly new-looking interior, and gets lots of turned heads.

We're in Carson City, NV, near to Reno and Tahoe. I'm flexible on nearby deliveries, and happy to pick you up at the Reno airport. If you're close enough I might fly over in my small airplane and bring you to your new car. I would have no worries about driving this car anywhere. It's been sorted out, and had the expensive repair and upgrade items done. The only things to make it perfect are the interior carpet and engine compartment detailing. Sure, you could overhaul the engine and hop it up, but I don't think it needs an overhaul. Oil consumption is nil, although it will leave a few drops on the garage floor just to remind you it's an Alfa.

I've skipped listing the costs for the things I've done to bring it up to snuff, as it doesn't really matter to the current market value. However, if you want a good Spider, you'll know how much you can spend on doing what I've done. This car won't suck your account dry like a lot of newly-acquired Alfas will do, and you can be proud to be seen in it from the day you get into it.

As soon as the snow retreats from my garage door, I'll take and post some pictures.

Might take an interesting motorcycle or boat in trade. Interesting motorcycle does not include anything made in the US.


Push hard and live
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You're probably too late. I sold it on Ebay, and have received the money via check. However, the buyer is no longer responding to emails and has established no time to pick up the car. I expect to find out next week if the check cleared, which may tell me more.

If this was all a fantasy purchase, I'll give you a ring back.


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It's been over a year, did the check clear yet?
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