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1986 GTV6 parts

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Selling bunch of stuff from my 86 GTV6 project car
Gearbox with fresh clutch. Very minor leak. It is still fully connected to the suspension and other underbody components.

2.5 Engine with right head knocking sound possibly from one of the intake valves.

Also whatever is in the engine compartment.

Rear seat made of gray velour.

Call or PM with requests and to discuss prices.

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Where might you be located?
Front seats? Power window switches with lights working?
I will keep the seats and the switches. I am going to restore this car with a Ferrari engine. Sorry.
Sounds like an awesome project. Please start a thread when you begin.

Where in California? What are you asking for the trans? I don't need the clutch.

I am in California
I live in Glendale. I am not going to take the gearbox apart for the clutch. Its yours at no cost. The whole unit is for $600.00. No syncro issues to even talk about. It is a strong gearbox that I probably would not mind keeping for a later GTV project.

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