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Well running, fun convertible ready to drive today. The car needs external cosmetic work only; body work and paint. I just do not have time to finish it up. (~88K miles on the car).

Car is located in Denver.

Details of the car follow:

*Almost perfect considering age
*Re-upholstered seats
*Carpets clean without any major rips or holes
*New floor mats
*Dash has no cracks and is in great condition
*Rare wooden steering wheel with Alfa insignia
*Rare wooden shifter with Alfa insignia
*Stereo and speakers less then 5 years old

*Starts consistently and runs extremely well
*Recent tune-up with valve adjustment
*New battery
*Rebuilt starter
*New ball joints
*New shocks
*New springs
*Replaced fuel pumps (both)
*Brakes and clutch work perfectly

*Top is brand new without signs of wear
*Tires are fair to good
*Paint is two different colors of white
*Rust through over driver’s side rear wheel well
*Wheel wells are solid
*Rust through passenger rocker panel

Known issues:
*Second gear grind – like most Alfas
*Fuel pump in tank is new but making a humming noise – just needs to be adjusted higher in the tank
*Dash lights and blinkers are temperamental
*Occasional exhaust squeak when taking off
*AC does not work


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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