My 1985 spider is now available for sale.

I'm heading to South Africa on a long business trip in early April, and my target is to have the car with a buyer lock and loaded before I leave. So here we are!

Very, very "non-originale" (PURISTS BEWARE!)

90000 miles, clean title
Driven <1000 miles/year
Registered and road-legal, thousands invested in both time (hours) and money.


-Complete sill replacement for a thorough rust repair. Wolf Metal swaged middle sills
-Autodelta (or Autodelta replica) roll bar

Front Suspension
-Shankle tubular anti-roll bar on poly mounts, rose jointed solid end links
-Alfaholics billet aluminum 2.25" height-adjustable spring perch ( RCE5006), replaces spring pan completely
-Alfaholics 5S1200 (5" 1200 lbs. 2.25" OD) springs
-Bilstein B6s

Rear Suspension
-Lightened, drilled and swaged ("alfaholics-style") rear trailing arms w/ poly bushings
-Alfaholics track day SUS301/1 springs
-Bilstein B6s
-Alfa Heaven Panhard Bar with rose jointed connections

Wheels & Tires
-Rare Mille Miglia Maifrini 14x5.75 magnesium alloy wheels
-Hoosier R7 205/55 r14

Exterior & Styling
-3 gallon fuel cell replacing stock tank
-Gas cap delete
-Brand new flag mirrors (2023)
-JKF Aero Consultants-developed, CFD-tested aero kit: Fiberglass front splitter/diffuser with functional tunnels and brake cooling ducts. Fully and easily removable. Fiberglass trunk floor-mounted aero device, removable but not easily
-Fiberglass E-Production hood with venting and button latches
-LED front turn signals
-H4 bulb projector-style headlight conversion with OSRAM Night Breaker bulbs

-Centerline performance front and rear rotors (drilled), centerline braided brake hoses
-Billet aluminum Performatek Outlaw brakes all around! 2800 front calipers, 1000 rear calipers (Rebuilt by Outlaw in early 2021.)
-New Hawk track pads
-Front/rear proportioning valve delete (Performatek brakes are properly biased for Alfa applications.)
-All new copper/nickel brake and clutch lines
-ChaseBays/Wilwood booster-less single-master brake system

-NOS GTAM side exit exhaust (it is AWESOME.)
-Genuine Sperry Valve Works 4:1 stepped tubular headers, ceramic-coated black
-Brand new, never used Pierce Manifolds K501-Econ 40DCOE kit on 1981 SPICA manifolds. Fully installed, choke installed and operational
-Interrupter self-regulating fuel pump, returnless fuel system
-Intake cams: 105480320001 (10.1mm lift) at 99.5 degrees, exhaust cams: 105020320001 (9.6mm lift) at 102 degrees (to be shimmed and installed by Besic Motorsports within the next few weeks.)
-Centerline performance electronic distributor on Bosch "blue" coil (SKU 22-1312)
-NGK BR6ES plugs
-Centerline plug wires
-Aluminum radiator (2022)
-Full electric fan conversion
-Brand new coolant hoses
-Nippon/Denso mini alternator (2021)
-Machined Delrin engine mounts
-Lightweight Duracell SLIU1RT battery (~ 2017)
-New water pump (2022.)

-Alfaholics aluminum guibo
-Alfaholics performance propshaft
-Alfaholics performance center bearing
-Engine + transmission moved back towards chassis centerline by 3/4"
-Rebuilt and modified 4.56 differential with extra clutch plates by Besic Motorsports (have receipts)
-Machined Delrin transmission mount

-COBRA Clubman racing seats
-Removed/deleted heater core, center dash
-Moved tachometer to center of the dash, fully stripped dashboard with dash-mounted Heuer chronometer
-GPS speedo and odometer
-Toggle switch ignition
-Nardi shift knob
-Original tool bag with some of the original tools

Extras! (Alfa Stuff Included With Sale, Free of Charge!)
-Parish hardtop (needs refinishing)
-RCX tire blankets custom-made to fit wheel and tire set
-1x Mille Miglia Maifrini 14x6 spare wheel with tire. Got lucky and found a lonely wheel locally
-Daniel Stern headlight relay kit, bought it forever ago and never installed it
-Stock hood (if you help me pull it from my rafters)
-Alfa_chan's 3D printed diff and transmission filling plugs (link)
-Brochures, receipts, any history and documentation

Performance Stats & Accolades
-1940 lbs. (curb weight - w/o driver, but includes all fluids)
-2nd/5 Windy City Miata Club Autocross modified class, 7th/22 Windy City Miata Club U-class
-Jalopnik Radwood Chicago feature, "organizer's choice."

-Trans flush and replacement with Redline 75W90 NS (~2017)
-Diff flush and replacement with Royal Purple 75W90 (when diff was rebuilt by Besic)
-She gets a full oil change every fall - Valvoline VR-1 20W50 only, never had anything else

The Bad?
-Fuel level sender works but needs adjustment
-A rust hole in the driver's side floor board was hastily repaired with sheet metal. Hasn't bothered me but some may prefer to do a proper job instead!
-Interior carpet is intact and has no holes, but looks a bit old
-COBRA seat upholstery is not in the best condition
-Paint is nowhere near concours quality - Paint match from the fuel cap delete is close but not perfect and the body has many little dents and dings. Even though, she's still a MAJOR head turner and I have only received positive comments
-Aero modifications are not for everyone
-Small, non-developing windshield "chip" (seems to be between two layers of glass, really odd. Was there when I bought the car.)
-As any Alfa, she self-lubricates (from either the pan gasket or the cigarette seals, can't tell.) Doesn't prevent the car from being driven hard, and it doesn't need much oil. Not even half a quarter every six months, even when driven hard

Who is The Ideal Owner?
-A young car enthusiast looking to become an Alfista
-An existing Alfista looking for a fun and rowdy ride in addition to his other Alfa. Or two. Or three. Or seven. You know how it goes ;)
-Someone looking for loud, light, agile, and pretty darn fast with no top

Reason for Sale?
I promised my late father I would let the car go before I went too far with modifications, and it is time to free up time and funds for my other "Alfa."

Preference goes to out-of-state transactions because I am way too emotionally invested on this darn thing, and to a young enthusiast looking for their first Alfa (would love to help grow our club.)

Cheers, and thank you for looking! PM me for more pictures or any questions/concerns.