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1985 was the final year of the classic interior with the wood steering wheel and double-hooded gauges that give the car a distinctive vintage feel. This is a reliable, Bosch-injected car. Good cloth top and tires. Good money was invested this year to ensure the car is in top shape, and it's ready to drive anywhere. The Veloce was Alfa's top model in 1985, and it came with leather seats, alloy wheels, and power windows that were not found on the entry-level Graduate that debuted that year. Price dropped for the season, get a bargain today! I'm also preparing to list the car on eBay.

Exterior -- Original paint color, repainted years ago and still quite presentable. Alfas are very vulnerable to paint chips, especially small ones in the nose. I touched these up for cosmetics and to prevent any rust. The car has no notable dents or dings. There is a small paint bubble over the driver side rear tire (shown in photo). The trim is in terrific shape and all there, and the rubber rear spoiler retains its shape and pliability. Black cloth top looks great on cars of this era, especially when paired with the black interior; this one's in nice shape still, and the window shows age but is in good shape. The car looks good underneath as well, and under the front end you'll find an important after-market piece, the oil pan guard. This dealer-installed option really protects the bottom of the engine and oil pan from road debris and scrapes.

Interior -- The car is very sharp for its age and originality. The original leather seat backs show some wear, but the bottoms are nice like-new black vinyl. Good carpets. The radio and CD worked recently but need a repair. The A/C fan works but it does not blow cold. Everything else works well. The gages, which are often an issue on Alfas, are reading accurately. Unlike cars of the early 1980s that stopped at 85 mph, this 1985 has a nice 120 mph speedo. The beautiful wood steering wheel, a classic Alfa feature for which this was the final year, was covered for most of this car's life. This might be the finest condition steering wheel of its type I have seen. Gorgeous. The shift knob, porcelain painted to look like wood, has worn to white in part, charming in its own way.

Recent mechanical work includes:

Clutch master and slave cylinders, brake master cylinder, motor mounts, and transmission mount recently replaced at 115,320

Drive shaft, center bearing and support, and window regulators replaced at 115,918.

Brake pads and rotors, steering box replaced at 107,000.

This Alfa starts and runs very, very strong. The transmission was serviced this summer by one of our region's top mechanics, to whom I have entrusted all my Alfas for 18 years, and it's running great. Spiders always seem to handle like they are on rails, thanks to their short wheelbase. All Alfas are fun to drive but some have a special high energy and feel especially eager to run, and this is one such car. I've owned a few Spiders with similar miles and it is a nicely broken in spot. They get here by having been consistently well cared for. There's a good argument that a higher mileage Alfa is a better bet than a lower mileage one, since it has been out being driven, which is what they are built for after all!

I have 18 years experience playing with Alfas, have renovated many, driven them tens of thousands of miles, and I've been active in the local and national Alfa Romeo Owners Clubs ( The winning recipe of these cars is that they are relatively inexpensive to buy, not overwhelming to maintain, and they make every drive you take in them a rewarding adventure. And this is the perfect time to get an Alfa, because with the brand opening its first U.S. showrooms since 1995 this very month, interest in this marque is certain to surge. Parts are already easy to obtain for Alfas of this era, and maintenance costs no more than a Volkswagen of the same age.

This Spider is garaged at my house in Alexandria, Virginia, ten miles from Washington, D.C. If you are local, come by for a test drive! If you live further away, buy with confidence that this car runs as well as it looks. I am located near three major airports (DCA, IAD and BWI) so fly in and drive your sharp new Alfa Romeo home. If you prefer to have the car shipped, I will be glad to meet your shipper and ensure it's loaded safely.

Dustin Hoffman hit the road in The Graduate in the initial version of this classic Alfa Spider back in the 1960s. And its appeal never faded... When Chevy Chase needed to carjack a getaway car in the movie Fletch, what did he choose? A 1980s Alfa Romeo Spider! And Michelle Pfeiffer tossed one around in Tequila Sunrise. The car's a star and Alfas always garner positive attention.

Thank you for checking out this peppy red Alfa Romeo!

Brewster Thackeray
Alexandria, VA


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