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This Alfa has always been garage-kept. It is a true driver's car. The gearbox is wonderful; no second gear grind. The free-flow Ansa exhaust system has added a bit of performance and sounds incredible. This is the Alfa I have held onto the longest since it has bucketloads more character than any others I have owned or driven.

I have put around $10,000 into the car regarding the mechanics. Most of the work was done at Col-Gen Motors in New Jersey. I urge you to call them regarding the condition of this car.

Here are some of the major things that have been done:
- Clutch realignment
- Engine mounts replaced
- Radiator fan replaced
- New racing manifold
- Free-flow Ansa exhaust system
- Air filter replaced
- Ignition replaced
- Protective engine cage replaced
- Steering was recalibrated
- New electric window motors
- Re-wired most electric components

I have also installed a battery switch for when the car isn't being driven for a while.

The seats are not torn at all, but have lost a bit of that plastic tube trim.

The top has a few very tiny tears that have been filled with a silicone substance so it doesn't leak whatsoever.

The paint is all original.

Things that could be addressed:
- Passenger window motor needs a crank to get it started again. It has a brand new motor, but hasn't been used in months.
- When using the low-beam headlights, the left one doesn't work, but it is best to use high beams only regardless unless you upgrade to brighter headlights altogether.
- Driver side speaker doesn't work.

Please message me if you want any additional information or photographs!

Asking price: $9,000


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