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1985 Gtv6

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tried posting in picture room but pg 100 won't show up..
So posted here for everyone...

Work in progress...


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Is that a hood louver from a Jaguar E-type on the hood??! of jag hood was trash
Nice find, I like the Alfa's in white. Whats the interior look like? What mods if any are you planning? BTW I can see the pic on pg 100, must be your computer (settings) or internet connection (settings).
I love those rear quarter slotted vent covers, much better than those rubbish plastic stock ones. Where did you get them from?
Got vent set from Denoya trading post and a cracked set from ebay

Rear lenses from ReOriginals..
Ooh that's an odd vehicle :)
alfetta bumpers, alfa inscription on the back, real lights and front indicators on a gtv6? Or something? Did you buy it this way? ITs kindof an odd but interesting mix between the old and new.
Mods: working on a 3.0l venolia pistons, carillo rods, C+B street max cams, polished ports + runners, new headers, Crane ignition and haltech f10x fuel control (no more flapper)

Trying to make universal joint driveshaft like some shown on

redo tranny (new clutch and throwout bearing)

Body work, some stainless and chrome with red paint (shhhhh...Farrari red)

New leather for front seats..

...and that's about soon as I get the money

(changed my setting and now I can see pg 100, thanks)
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execption: mix of my own tastes and some from prior owner...mostly me, though
Great looking car!

Could you give some details on your tail light conversion. Did you change the housings or just the lenses? Do you have closeup pics?

"new" old lenses mate right up to standard sheet metal rear end (did not change for years)

You can get old reflector housings(occaisionally come up on the net...and clean them up and spray paint inside "model" chrome) OR drill one or two holes in your GTV6 housing to accept the mounting screws (which I changed to stainless). Also I think the GTV6 housing will work fine with old reflectors...even reverse light.

Old housings may need some rewiring in the trunk.

Pretty easy....

New lenses at Reoriginals...I don't know if he has any more

Leather interior in very good shape except driver's seat..Ronal rims. 225 40's all around (no rub)..Shankle suspension...koni's
It was actually used on an official mail stamp..
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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