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Perhaps a couple of people can weigh-in, but I was always told that the biggest problem with the TRX rims was that the SPACING/OFFSET of the lugs was not the same as the standard, and that to do a proper switch you either had to make custom rims, or have a mod done to the hubs/lugs.

Anyone care to comment?
Lug and hub spacing and offsets were the same with metric rims as standard rims. The problem is that the metric size of the tire corresponds to a 15.3 inch rim. An normal 15 inch or 16 inch tire will not fit a metric rim, so a metric tire, only made by Michelin, is the only one that will work with that wheel.

Some people have tried to fit 15 inch tires on Metric rims, but there is a chance the tire could blow up during installation, injuring the installer.

Nice car BTW. Shame to see someone sell it after 190,000 miles of service.
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