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e-mail for pics- [email protected]

1984 Alfa Romeo Spider-this is a nice car in good shape, but not showroom. Includes hard-top (soft top is permanent install, the hard-top goes on in the winter), Red, tan interior 88k miles.
Body – good but not perfect condition. No rust but some minor chipping. Car looks very nice. Front under-grill had chipping so I painted black with rubberized paint. One pinanfarina sticker missing-will include whole logo piece to replace. The interior is similar. The carpet is passable but probably ready for replacement. Nice wood steering wheel and shifter knob.
Mechanical – no known problems. I drive this car regularly and all functions are solid. Like many Spiders, 2nd gear is not easy to get into in freezing weather until the engine reaches normal operating temperature. I go from first to third with no problem until it warms up. No issue in moderate or warmer weather.
Replaced in the last year: Soft top, seat leather, wheels, tires, exhaust, alternator, battery, turn signal switch.
The power mirrors do not work. Not entirely sure that all back bulbs, i.e. reverse work.
Installed Pioneer CD unit with remote which is expandable for XM. Some scarring on the black dash paint from install. Steering wheel paint has similar chipping, and same with shifter.
Passenger side door doesn’t seem to lock with keys. I don’t use locks because of obvious ease of breaking in via convertible top.
PA Inspection active through April 2011. I expect no problem passing this year.
Motors on wipers and power windows are not brisk but they do work.
The leather installed since I got the car are a nice marble pattern, much nicer than the plain ones that came out.
The car does have air conditioning. Alfa Romeo is notorious for poor air conditioning, so this is not spectacular, but it is present.
The drive of the car is very satisfying. The engine has pretty good gusto. The clutch and transmission are very sure, as are the brakes. I have no reservations driving the car. I drive it to work and on errands. I drive it on the highway. If your expectations about what a 1984 Alfa car do are realistic, then I don’t think you would be dissatisfied. I’m happy for a mechanic to check it out (at buyer’s cost). This car has been updated and maintained by Nick Falcone’s in Bala Cynwyd, which is a premier Alfa shop. Vince over there knows the car so well. Example: all top washers are nylon where they are supposed to be Nylon and metal when they are supposed to be metal. Vince eye-balled these corrections when I first got the car. He knows every nut and bolt and has made sure that this car conforms perfectly.
Initial picture predates wheel and leather updates, but I’ll add more pictures during the listing.
I have no historical knowledge about the car. It’s too old for carfax, I believe. I bought this on line from a Mercedes dealer more than one year ago. I enjoyed it and fixed it up and now I’m ready for another toy. Title in-hand, free and clear.
The buyer is responsible for shipping. I will personally drive it up to 100 miles from google 19444, though. Should there be a collision or something on the way, I and my insurance will be responsible, but it will not cancel the sale unless there is over $1k in damage. If there is any type of mechanical breakdown, the sale will go through, but I will deduct the repair from the price of the car up to $250.
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