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Avorio-colored soft tail. Judging from the lack of paint on the front air dam I'd say it's likely this was the EXACT car from the movie FLETCH(1985). It's a great pick-up line anyways. Very reliable daily driver. 195K miles. Some small rust areas. Don't miss out, just put it on the Underhill account.

What's wrong right now (this may change at any time and the price may go up accordingly as each is sorted)
1. Brake fluid reservoir leak at seal.
2. Small hole in exhaust currently under a bit of muffler tape.
3. Moans if you brake her suddenly.
4. Needs a sanding and respray/clear-coat on trunk and back left side panel. (Hard to notice 25 feet away)
5. Some minor indentations here and there, nothing you can see from 25 feet.
6. Small chip in the windshield near center driver's vision.
7. Heater and A/C disabled.
Car is in Santa Barbara and it has a clear title. Both power windows work great. Cloth top is excellent and the window is clear. What she needs are those 'Daytona' Chormodoras and a new set of Yokohama 205 tires but because money does not grow on trees that's for the new owner to have fun with. Good luck, she'll go fast.

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